Living For Hope

The great gift of Easter is hope. My favorite image of this hope is the sun, rising in the East, racing across the face of the earth on Easter morning proclaiming the Resurrection of Christ. From field and forest, town and city the great good news goes our – we have reason to hope. A continuing symbol of this hope is the generosity that you have shown toward the men and women we are privileged to serve at our three St. Francis Residences. Their stories are often hard and difficult to understand but their simple hope is shared by us all. I would like to tell you about another one of these little ones who recently moved into St. Francis Residence II whose hope has been renewed because of you. We will call him Bill.

Bill was born in the Bronx in 1975 and was the youngest of six children. His father suffered from substance abuse and life was hard for the family. He can remember clearly the lack for food and clothing because of their poverty. Bill can also remember an abusive parent with the scars to prove it both physically and emotionally. When he could take it no longer he ran away from home and, for the next sixteen years, lived on the streets homeless and alone. Mental illness claimed what was left of Bill and, after several hospitalizations, he was finally sent to us. Years of neglect have taken its toll but there is a surprising warmth to Bill. His quick smile and willingness to help others is a sure sigh that he has rediscovered hope.

Your continued generosity provides that hope and that home. Because of you Bill and almost 300 others like him at our three Residences have a second chance at life. You help make the promise of the Resurrection a reality for these least of our brothers and sisters.