The vision of St. Francis, the “Father of the Poor”, has been passed from generation to generation and been kept alive through loving service to the “least of our brothers and sisters’. I would like to tell you about just one of these’ least ones’ who lives with us at St. Francis Residence II. We will call her Carol.

Carol was born in Brooklyn in 1962. She is the second of three children raised by her mother, a single parent. The family struggled to survive but remained close knit.

Carol graduated from Bay Ridge High School but began having problems early 2000. She found work at Giant Stadium, tried her had at clerical and messenger service and trained as a Food Service Assistant. In 2001 her mother died of a stroke, and Carol’s world began to come apart. She wound up in and out of hospitals and was often homeless for long periods of time. Carol has been with us now for over a year. There is a child like simplicity to her but also a renewed warmth and affection that was lost after the death of her mother. She has a new life because of you.

The three S1. Francis Residences survive because of your continued generosity. There are almost 300 of these ‘least of our brothers and sisters’ living with us today.

They are a Testament to the vision of St. Francis that you help keep alive in our day and age. In the spirit of St. Francis I confidently ask for your continued kindness. Any gift, no matter what the size, is greatly appreciated.