The Little Lost Ones Find Home

St. Anthony of Padua died quietly on June 13, 1231. He was just 36 years old. So powerful was his message and his mission he was canonized a saint less than three years after his death.

Each year the world honors this miracle worker and lover of the poor. He remains still a source of hope and comfort for the least of our brothers and sisters even after 776 years. In honor of his Feast I would like to tell you another story of one of his “little lost ones” who has recently come to live with us at St. Francis Residence I. We will call him Danny.

Danny was born in Brooklyn in 1947. He was the only child of a poor and struggling family. He attended High School and college in Brooklyn and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts.

In the early 1970’s he worked as an illustrator for a publishing company. Danny remained living at home but because of the ‘voices’ he heard in his head he had a hard time holding on to a job.

In 1975 his father died of Alzheimer’s Disease and from then until 1998 he lived with his mother who took care of him until she died of cancer. He did the best he could to hold on to the apartment but in 2000 he was finally evicted for non-payment.

For the next six years he lived in the streets surviving as best he could until he was taken into a temporary shelter and given proper medical care. In January of this year he came to live with us at St. Francis Residence I. Danny is a shy and withdrawn man but because of his long love of art he works in our art program every day. He has his life back thanks to St. Anthony and thanks to you.

Danny’s story is just one of hundreds of the men and women who live with us at our three St. Francis Residences. It is through your kindness that we are able to reach so many of these “little lost ones” St. Anthony.