All the Way Home

I would like to tell you the story of one of our newest members at Residence II. We will call him Greg.

Greg is now 45 years old. He grew up in New York with his father, step-mother and their four children. He managed to earn two Associates Degrees in both music and communications. He married and had a beautiful little girl But early on the marriage was in trouble and at the age of 24 he left home, enlisted in the Navy and became part of the Gulf War.

Like so many soldiers he never quite made it all the way home. He started hearing voices, seeing planes fall!! out of the sky and feared people were following him. With only occasional work as a taxi driver, his life began to fall apart. He was hospitalized several times and finally wound up on the streets.

Greg came to St. Francis Residence II several months ago. He is a bright, gentle man whose greatest dream is to be able to help his daughter who is preparing to go to college. He has a second chance at life all because or you and a little help from St. Anthony. Greg’s story is just one of hundreds of men and women who live at our three St. Francis Residences,

It is through your remarkable kindness that we are able to reach so many of these least of our brothers and sisters. You help keep a roof over their head and food on their table.

As we celebrate the Feast of St. Anthony and the Anniversary of St Francis Residence II this year we confidently ask your continued help for this needed work. The greatest honor you can pay St. Anthony is to help keep alive his love for the poor in our own day and age. Please be assured that Father John McVean. O.F.M., Father Thomas Walters, O.F.M. and ! will keep you and your loved ones in our Masses and prayers this special Feast Day.