The information described on this page is browser dependent but it will apply to any recent web browser such as Chrome, Edge or Internet Explorer.

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Links one the site are generally represented by the following color . There are some exceptions to this rule mainly where that color would have clashed with another color. You can always tell if something is a link by hovering your mouse over it. If it is a link your mouse arrow should change to a hand which is a visual indication that you can click it. This works slightly differently on mobile devices since the pointing and clicking is done with a finger there is no way to differentiate the selection. However on mobile devices you can just press on something and if it’s a link you’ll be taken to the link location. If it is not nothing will happen. 

The general rule of thumb is to look out for colors like this and more often than not it will be a link! 

There are a number of button throughout the site which look like this:


These buttons can be clicked with a mouse or pressed with your finger or other pointing device. Once pressed or clicked you will be taken to the page to which they are linked!