St. Francis Friends Story Project

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The Little Lost Ones Find Home St. Anthony of Padua died quietly on June 13, 1231. He was just 36 years old. So powerful was his message and his mission he was canonized a saint


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The vision of St. Francis, the "Father of the Poor", has been passed from generation to generation and been kept alive through loving service to the "least of our brothers and sisters'. I would like


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Caring Given and Received The Feast of St. Anthony of Padua is the anniversary of the death of this simple, humble friar whose preaching, love of the poor and miraculous powers have touched the lives


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Living For Hope The great gift of Easter is hope. My favorite image of this hope is the sun, rising in the East, racing across the face of the earth on Easter morning proclaiming the


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A Ray of Hope For eight centuries St. Francis of Assisi has been honored in every culture and in every religion as the "Father of the Poor". In the simplicity of his heart he saw


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Home At Last The greatest Feast of our faith commemorates the Resurrection of Christ and the triumph of life over death- That triumph is a gift to each one of us who put our faith


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For almost 800 years St Francis has been known in every culture and in every religion as the "Father of the Poor". In the simplicity of his heart he saw all of us as brothers


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For almost 800 years St. Francis has been honored in every culture and every religion as a true mirror of the Jesus we find in the Gospels. His simplicity, his love of the poor and


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A Ray of Hope My favorite image of Easter is the rising of the sun out of the east, racing across the face of the earth lighting up town and country, desert and forest, proclaiming


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A Life of Institutional "Care" The celebration of Easter, the greatest Feast of our faith, celebrates the Resurrection of Christ and the conquest of death. Out of the tragedy of the cross comes the triumph


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All the Way Home I would like to tell you the story of one of our newest members at Residence II. We will call him Greg. Greg is now 45 years old. He grew up

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